A Vision of Sustainability with focus on Water

3 - 5, December 2015
IDC, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India

A Vision of Sustianability with focus on Water

3 - 5, December 2015
IDC, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India

Call for Design Projects on Sustainability (Closed)

We invite you to participate and showcase ​design projects done by your school​/institute​ on the theme of sustainability ​as part of an exhibition titled 'Design Carnival'​ during ​Cumulus Mumbai 2015​. ​The projects will be displayed as posters and exhibited at the conference venue.​


The objective of the exhibition will be to commemorate the theme of sustainability as practiced across different parts of the world in all its diversity, and to the extent possible, derived as localized solutions.
​(​​It is not essential, but if the projects are related to sustainability with focus on water, it would be great).​

We encourage you to submit design projects that represent the concerns, the contrasts, the experiences, the essence and characteristics connected with sustainability (for example, it could be concerning your individual space, locality, a street, a town, a city or even your country).

The project could also be from any of these fields - product, communication, textiles, fashion, interaction, service, environment, etc.

These could be based on design work that has already been carried out at your institute or work on a subject/topic that you may choose to undertake for this occasion.

Each institution is ​encouraged to submit two to ​four projects on the theme of sustainability that can each be displayed on panels of size 3ft width and 4 ft height. The final image could be any of these - collage of images, graphic diagrams, animated still pictures, etc. You could use illustrations, sketches, photos, graphics and typography.

Exhibition Space and Publication:

Your submission will be printed and displayed on panels of size 3ft width and 4 ft height and these ​will be displayed in an exhibition space of 5000 sq feet. With each of the above mentioned panels, will be a smaller panel of size 2ft x ​2​ft with the title of your submission, your write-up on your submission​ (150 words)​, your vision statement on sustainability​ (one line)​, write up about the your institution​ (100 words)​, the name of the faculty mentors and the names of the students.
The submissions will also be printed in form of a web publication to be released at the time of the exhibition.

The Modalities:

The institutes can decide to do this exercise across a week or fortnight as part of a workshop, or as part of a credited course. We request the faculty members to mentor the students in this endeavor.

Guidelines for your Submission:

Check-list of submissions:
1. Submission of project images on sustainability in 300 dpi JPEG file to be displayed on a panel of size of 3ft width and 4ft height,
2. Title of your panel
3. A brief write-up in less than 150 words on your submission
4. Your vision statement in a line on sustainability
(one line statement - 150 characters)​
5. Write up about the your institution​ in less than 100 words​
6. The names of the faculty mentors and
7. The names of the student participants.

For Sample Design Project Poster click here.....
(on Sustainability Projects)

email it to:


or snail mail to:

Exhibition – In a planet of our own
IDC, IIT Bombay
Powai, Mumbai


The last date for receiving your Design Projects is 10th of November 2015


Participation is mainly by invitation, but if you strongly feel that you need to be included as part of this event, do write to us at contact@cumulusmumbai2015.org